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Latest Reviews [ Rank 1on1]
Yie Zheng Lim - One of the best defender in game. Aggressive Good tackle Good heading Good strength Good reaction Good sliding tackleLink
Song Pin - Looking for more +8 to collect , he the tallest power header with tanker , aerial , solidplayerLink
Ming Kern - Not really fast, but good as a CAM/RAM/LAM. Long shot is accurateLink
Song Pin - Best handicap keeper longest throw and small grade can beat others alreadyLink
Song Pin - Follow the latest tourney Mokschor and got him , he is the best keeper better than s17 that tourney use, number 1 keeperLink
Song Pin - can be compare to van der sar during real life , yet no world legend season , and 1st grade version , high balance , best keeper for 1v1 and manager mode , i have +8Link
Kenpachi Zaraki - Pros: -Great defending -Good passing -Great free kicks -consistant Cons: -slightly slow -slight lack of height(still not bad in the air) -------------------------- Gabi is great at DMF or CM position.Readmore...
Aalvee Ahtav - nice as a cf or rw . but it will be a waste if u put him on rwLink
Kenpachi Zaraki - Pros: -good hight and weight for a target-man -great in the air -surprisingly good ball controll -clinical Cons: -slow ----------------------- Got his +5 version from a very lucky pack (top 100 EC +2+Readmore...
Kenpachi Zaraki - Pros: -good passer -good crosser -positioning -interceptions Cons: -low agression -a bit soft when tackling -a bit slow -------------------------------- Not your typical CDM. Carrick is a good playmakReadmore...