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Kee Sunheung Sohyun - I once had +8 , quite useless , high stat but sucks , fake statsLink
Kee Sunheung Sohyun - i once have +8 and okay not bad, but i saw ThroneWoLaiKang got +9 , i be like walaoweiLink
Kee Sunheung Sohyun - slow but good , manger mode good , i once have +9 , i sold for free just for urgent ep and i truely regretLink
Kee Sunheung Sohyun - I miss my +9 100 % best SW or CB or ST , I used to have +9 , he have the best block shot , 100% header winner , 100% fly higher than Kluivert world legendLink
Kee Sunheung Sohyun - Best Block Shot Player , Best For SW and Manager mode , perfect , with extra Staff jump and growth jump is then perfect , i got +8Link
Sira Doungporn - โครตกาก ถ้าไม่ส่งบอลให้โล่งๆทำไรไม่ได้ วิ่งไม่สู้เบียดไม่ไหว ทำไรไม่เป็นต้องเสิฟบอลให้ ข้อดีแค่หาช่องดีLink
Sira Doungporn - โครตเมพขิงๆ ยิงแรงยิงไกล เลี้ยงดีLink
Yweizz Ace - A very good striker for crossing-play and build up play. He has the strongest power header, good body strength and finishes. If you know to use him, he would be beast in the game His lack of pace makeReadmore...
Yweizz Ace - Robben know how to positioning and score goal and dribble. one of the top dribbler highly reccommend, only down side is his weak right foot. A must buy playerLink