Fifa Online 3 - Lets Play FO3 With Topek (Part 1) | By Topek |

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Jom main FO3 bersama Topek (Part 1).
Ni first time aku record diri aku main game.
Aku harap korang enjoylah dgn video ni.
Sorry dengan audio voice aku yang agak bermasalah sedikit. Aku aku cuba cari solusinya secepat yang mungkin.

FO3 ID: NamelessKing

Record Software : Open Broadcast System
Audio Software : Audacity
Editing Software : Wondershare Filmora
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Topek Gaming Welcome to Topek Gaming Channel. My name is Muhd Taufiq. I play Fifa Online 3, CS GO, Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2 ( Many games I will play soon) . My steam id is Nameless King. Subscribe my channel and like my videos. More video will come soon. Stay tune.

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